Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas past

I love Christmas and as soon as it gets cold my head fills with dancing sugar plums. These are pictures of my dining room tree from last year. This is the second tree in the house, the first is a large 9 to 10 foot tree that is in our family room, that one always holds the ornaments that have been collected for years. Special ornaments that the kids received year after year.

But the dinning room tree is the tree of change, one year it held color lights and all hand made ornaments, strung popcorn and cranberries, paper and felt ornaments done by the kids. One year it was the world of

Santa Claus.

And last year the theme was pink, gold , and white, that was inspired by hand painted ornaments that I won on ebay done by Miss Rhea's and some vintage pink ornaments that I found at an estate sale. I plan on doing this pink tree again this year, I enjoyed it so much and my husband always put the lights on each morning so that my lighted tree would be the first thing I saw as I came down the stairs. And then my kids and I would sit and eat our breakfast before they went off to school ,the wood stove would be glowing keeping us warm and safe. I love thinking about Christmas past and so look forward to Christmas present.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

worth taking a look

I have so much to do today but decided it all can wait until tomorrow.
procrastination at its best....
so I am blog jumping taking a look at this and reading that....
Here are few that I think are worth taking a look ...

wish jar It was the name that made me go to this one.....but it was
the list of ideas that made me read it....I am going to print
the list, could use a little inspiration .......

Red Velvet The story of Sam and Esther is must read for every person on earth, the art
work "NUMBERS" is amazing.