Monday, January 28, 2008

A Queen for a day....

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Empress Louise the Weird of Fiddlers Green
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I found this on Celtic Woman's blog and discovered that I am a Empress. So off I went in search of my summer castle Chateau de Bonnemare, Bed and Breakfast in Normandy France between Giverny and Rouen .

Then I was in need of some very fine shoes so I paid a call to the cobbler to Marie AntoinetteFete et Fleur and a finer pair I could never have found.

As an Empress I am in need of a party Glamour-princess party kit and a rhinestone tiara Dolls And

It is time for
a midday slumber. Tomorrow I will commission my regal donkey cart.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A day with the fairies

One way to keep warm in the winter is to think of the warmth of days that have past. In the early fall the fairies came to play .......... The garden fairy that lives at Happy Rainbows a small shop in my town.
At my house we have
the door at the fairy tree all ready for the fairies to stay,
and if you look through the trees you just may see
some fairies at play.

A monarch finds a little friend.

and the cutest fairy of all, Fairy Princess Sagely
my granddaughter.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Gardening in January

It is in January that I do my best gardening, sitting in a comfy chair, coffee cup in hand, browsing the new garden catalogs that the mail lady placed in my box. We use to have a large garden with corn, peas, pumpkins,
and other colorful vegetable as well as rows and rows of sunflowers. And I must not forget the flowering vine teepee that the kids played in, it sat between two garden plots with a floor of green grass. This all took a lot of time and we were a couple that worked many hours at our jobs, then the donkeys came and they took more of our time so the garden got smaller and then one summer just stopped.....

I remember fondly the giant sunflower that self seeded from the year before and found herself in the middle of the beans, she choose a wonderful companion plant. She was large and had a large flowering head, her huge leaves draped her like a grand old fashion dress from the days of gone with the wind... we called her MY LADY.... often passer-bys would stop to comment on her size and beauty. This was before we had a digital camera and typical to our nature we didn't take pictures so now the magnificent
sunflower lady is just a memory of a summer past that we reminisce about with great admiration.

I still plant a few flowers, I could never go cold turkey on zinnias and sweet peas or my as the snow falls I dream of white but not of the cold kind but of the kind that only the warmth of the summer sun can bring..... White Wedding Zinnia, can't you just see a bouquet of these in a white ironstone jug, I have always wanted to plant a moon garden, a garden bed of white.
To the front bed I will add a little color, Phlox Blue Paradise to sets off all the other flowers in that small bed and Sunflower Double Dandy Hybrid just because I love sunflower and I always try a new one each year and then I will add a few herbs. This is my list from the
Burpee catalog , and I still have a few catalogs to go….
Happy gardening,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January's take a look

Just a few things for January...

A charming give away to celebrate ~* Honeysuckle Lane's Simple Joys *~100th post..

Free graphics at The Graphics Fairy, I used some in my banner, I also adore the
Victorian ABC.

On my wish list for 2008...Lynne & Michael Roche, Dollmakers, England, one of my favorite doll makers.... priced way out of my budget, but it's fun to dream...I do have one of her dolls that I got many years ago....when the prices was less and my pocket was fuller.
Goals for 2008:
  • Read more .....last year I found myself going to the computer rather then picking up a book

  • Organize things..... (MS I am not) the picture at the top of this post is a start.
  • Bake something once a month .........(I don't like baking or cooking) I made brownies for my son's birthday in November and he is still talking about them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

making cards and wishing 2008

It's very cold here today, so I am sitting by the wood stove making Valentine's Day cards.
The top Christmas card was
one that I found in the writers box that I posted about before, I love the pink tan colors, so I used this card
as my inspiration for this year's Valentine's card that you see underneath. The pink ribbon is paler then it looks in the picture. I still need to add old bone buttons and vintage lace as well as a bow or rosette.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's, our neighbor always welcomes the new year by firing a cannon, as I hear the bangs I make my wish for 2008......
Happy New Year