Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Leroy

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Dear Leroy, Yes butterflies do give kisses.
Here is a monarch butterfly kissing this cute little wooden Hitty doll on her
rosy cheek...


Natasha Burns sweet little boy asked a very sweet question

Sunday, July 27, 2008

end of JULY already

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted and I am way behind on keeping up with other bloggers that I enjoy visiting.. I have only stopped by one or two in the last two weeks and hope to catch up soon.
I have not been spending a lot less time on the computer this summer. I have been busy most days with things that just keep popping up.
Some fun and some very sad…one of the saddest was the funeral of a young man I use to baby-sit for, the thought breaks my heart.


(Picture from the web)
This morning we had a bobcat in our backfield and our silly dog and Spooky our miniature donkey decided to chase after it….
The bobcat took off, the silly dog went after him, the smart donkey stopped, and my husband had to run after the dog to make her stop the chase…thank god Don got our dog under control after a few yells to stop. I hate to think of what could have happened.
We have never had a bobcat come on our property before; I am surprised because they are quite a few houses around us…
I also have been working on a few projects. One are these party favors that I am putting together for a
friends lunching. She found a few of these Pierrot pewter figurines cheap at a flea market. I think he looks so cute with the paper rose topped jars..
To add more pink color I added a cupcake paper to the inside of the nut cup…
The paper rose’s jars will have pink mints…

I cannot believe that everyone is thinking about Halloween already. When I saw artsy mama's sign up for her Sweet and Sinister swap my first thought was “so soon” and then I saw she was going to take
sign ups until September first and I said I have time … But after thinking about it for a few minutes, I said I better sign up now in case I forget to sign up later… Good thing I did because she had 100 sign up and the swap closed a day or so later. I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to make for this swap and I remember something I did many years ago…I know it will be perfect …I will not be able to show it until Oct….in case my swap partner stops by , I don't want to spoil the surprise…

Monday, July 14, 2008

Winners and dishes in pottery barn

DRum rollllll please

The winners are

first prize goes to Lili M. of

second prize goes to Lynn of


Please email me at

Thank you everyone for playing along and

for all the wonderful comments and


My son pulled the names out of a hat, sorry I don't have my camera today

so I couldn't take pictures..
I need help in Identifying the aqua dishes that were in pottery barn new fall


does anyone recognize them..????

see picture below

I emailed customer service at Pottery Barn and their sent back a very nice reply but they had no information about the dishes that were photographed in this cabinetry...what they said was Many item and props are owned by the owners of the home they use for catalog photo shoot ..

Friday, July 4, 2008

One year today and a Give-Away

Happy 4th of July

A friend is one before whom I may think aloud.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


One year ago today, I set sail and posted for the first time….
I never intended to start a blog, I spent the first few months standing on the sidelines and peeking in at all the wonderful talented people out there in blogland…
The first blog that I was introduced to was Ullabenulla (talk about starting at the top). I was doing a Google search on what I do not remember but it brought me to one of the most fascinating art blog …
I spent some time reading but mostly looking at all ULLA had to share. And then I followed some of her links and before you knew it, I was hooked….
After a short time I decided to do a private blog, I figured why not no one will see .

I would write a post, add pictures and delete… OH, I loved that delete button at the beginning….
On July 4th 2007, I decided
I was going public. I did this in five minutes; I had to do it quick before I changed my mind. What I didn’t know at that time was that
my life would alter a little, new friends and kindred sprit would be found. I would discover etsy, enter
give-aways, have give-aways and join in on swaps…. Feel the sorrow and cry a little, laugh a lot but mostly I would be just
Amazed at all the talent and be inspired ….I would be invited along on trips by way of pictures and post…be giving recipes and
Little artist tricks of the trade

I had no idea where this
blog would take me from day to day..but I think I went around the world in less then 80 days.
and I so enjoyed the ride…

I know my blog is a humble little thing and will never match the beauty of many other blogs out there in blogland but I do keep trying…
Thank you my friends for coming along on my journey and letting me visit with you and
For the time you spend here…
For this, I am grateful and truly honored..
To celebrate

One Year I am have a give-away….

Just leave a comment on this post
and I will add your name...
It is open to anyone who stops by....

There will be two names picked form the Hat
On July 14th 8:00PM EST.

The first name picked will get a copy of my favorite issues of Somerset Studio,
a black journal sprinkled with Gypsy color beads and sequins.
a few note cards
and a pink glitter bottle from Marilyn from out side the lines.

the second person will get a fairy journal made by Kris of blissfull elements and a bottle of pink Sugar scoop glitter.

please make sure I have a way to contact you;
a link back to your blog
or leave your email address with your comment..


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rainbows and One year give-away on the 4th....

we all need a few rainbows in our life....

Friday July 4th
will be my
One year anniversary in blogland....
there will be



Rainbow in dreams

Rainbows are colorful bridges that fall across the sky, but we can not walk across them (or use them to get to our pot of gold). Currently you may experience great joy and have extraordinary or even magical ideas, but remember that you can not walk across the rainbow bridge, so stay well-grounded. Usually a rainbow follows a rainstorm. If so, you have weathered a difficult time that is coming to closure, this dream symbol may represent your optimism. Generally, rainbows make people smile and feel happy. Thus, some may consider this dream a sign of your good luck.


this is my rainbow for today

picture by: Fete et Fleur

a beautiful vintage rose from here:

thanks Nancy I love it....

collage picture: