Friday, March 27, 2009

George Jetson wasn’t rude….

OK, I don't have a cell phone so maybe I don't understand....
But if I was to start my life all over again, I would become a cell phone police.
The other day while traveling on a back country road. ( You may remember the one I talked about last fall.) A car came right at me, turning away just in time. The young girl that was driving was laughing and talking on her cell and she didn't miss a beat. However, she almost gave me a heart attack and bruised my dear little car. I was just about to veer into the bushes so not to take her head on, I wonder how many people she does this to in any giving day. I could tell by her reaction that this was routine.

Then there was the time this woman with two little ones in tow was doing her grocery shopping and chatting away on that cell. She hit my heels with her cart, more then once I might add. Not a sorry or acknowledgement was to be had....

If it wasn't for her tots I might have *&%#$#*&*..

Last fall while I was doing errands down town, a young man stopped to ask me for directions. I did not have five words out of my month when I heard some music blare....he held up his finger for me to wait while he took his call. I stood there for about a minute and listen to him talk about some trivial matters before I walked away.... only to hear him say "boy that women is rude".

I think the saddest of all was when I was at Wal-mart and met a friend and neighbor whom I have not seen in a while. During our five-minute conversation, her cell rang a few times. Her husband couldn't find his way, mind you, they were both in the same store and this particular Wal-mart really is not that big. As I walked away, I laughed and wondered what did that man do before he got his cell . And secretly hoped that my donkey would hee-haw a few time around midnight, just enough to be disruptive. You see my donkey is a closer neighbor to them, than I.

I began to think I was the only one and maybe out of step with time. But then I saw a post on polkadotmoon and realized that there still are some people like me who believe in manners and courteous.

And remembers that George Jetson wasn't rude....


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Amen, Louise!
People do this all the time and it really is dangerous. I heard a story on NPR about how driving while talking on the cell gives you the same slowed response time as if you had been drinking. It's time to outlaw it. I think some states already have, but not my dear South Carolina. But then we also let motorcyclists ride without helmets, so I'm not holding my breath!

Polka Dot Moon said...

What ever did we do prior to the cell phone craze???!!!

Janet said...

This is one of my pet peeves! The one that always gets to me is the cashier who can't put the phone down long enough to acknowledge me, the customer, while they ring up my purchases, take my money and send me on my way without so much as a one word to me!

And the person who talks so loud that everyone within a block can hear their conversation which is usually something very personal that I don't want to know about!

LiLi M. said...

I totally agree with you Louise. This weekend I was in a restaurant with a friend. My friend had to put her cell phone on the table in case her son (12) who was staying a weekend over with friends would call her. Her son is autistic and I can perfectly understand that. Her phone rang and it was her mother, who knew that my friend was having diner with me. My friend tried to make this call as short as possible, but her mother kept talking. My friend didn't want to be rude to her mother, but it was difficult. Her mother called to tell her that she booked a vacation, something that could have been said anytime.
Here driving and calling is prohibited unless you call handsfree. But it should be better be prohibited at all. In our trains we have special 'silence' carriages, where it is prohibited to call or to speak.
Aah silence a treat for the ear ;-). I believe that some people even don't know what silence means.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Great post Louise! I do have a cell phone, but I make it a point not to have it turned on when I am in public.

But rude is rude - cell phone or not. I was in a retail store the other day. Not a chain store, but a local owner store. I brought my purchase to the counter. The phone rang. The cashier answered the phone and spent 5 minutes taking care of the phone caller while I stood there waiting to pay for my purchase.

Fete et Fleur said...

It makes me sad too. We need a book on the etiquette of using your cell phone, like the Tiffany Book of Manners!


bluemuf said...

Hi Louise, I also totally agree with you. I also can't understand why people don't want to get away from their phones. Isn't that why we have voice mail. If it's that important they can leave a message.

Hugs Karen

Betzie said...

Oh my, I'm glad that girl didn't hit you! I had to laugh about your WalMart and donkey comment!!!
It's so true and I know myself if I have to answer my cell while I'm driving it is for a very QUICK conversation because no way can I concentrate and drive at the same time. I only use mine for urgent calls, so it's rare I get one.
Guess there is no getting rid of them now!

adrienne said...

I like your title...not quite the future we imagined, is it?
I'm amazed at the guy who answered his cell and then thought YOU were rude for walking away!
The whole cell phone thing mades me a little sad, too.

LesArtsbyGloria said...

OMG! This is my HUGE pet peeve. I've almost been wiped out on the roadway numerous times, embarrassed myself in public when someone started talking out of the blue, and I responded, thinking they were greeting me, & at the shop, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxing atmosphere, with relaxing music & a water fountain, but rude people wander through, loudly forcing their conversation on our customers! Grrrr I don't get people who feel the need to live life with a phone glued to their head. I use my cell for emergencies!

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