Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paper Purse

I want to thank everyone for the comments and emails about Fairy's Gate.
It really came about because I needed to organize my bookmarks of free and wonderful things. I needed to find an easier and faster way of locating items.
I tried organizing my bookmarks into folders but found I just had too many and sometimes I would place things into odd folders....

My camera is out getting fixed but I wanted to share this with you so I popped it into the scanner....This is a sample of what I do with free and wonderful things.
Not a great image and it really doesn't do this cute little purse justice..

This is what I made by combining these paper dolls
and this little ...purse from here...
Inside the purse is a set of the paper dolls that I printed on one sheet of photo paper, making the dolls just under 2 inches high..

click on see details

I will be using these for a Girl's Day Tea....

I also printed out six paper dolls three blond and three
brunette as well as six outfits full scale. I placed them around a glass cylinder for a centerpiece. Sorry this won't fit in the scanner, I will take pictures when I get my camera back.

At the tea will be food or items that represent the countries around the centerpiece.
England......English (herb) tea

French.....................petit four and Kelly bag (paper purse)

Netherlands.....Tulips (centerpiece)

Japan....origami balloons

Italy ........Still thinking, do you have any ideas?

Spain ........still thinking


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love that! I remember playing with paper dolls all the time as a child. Are you old enough to remember McCalls magazine and the Betsy McCall paper doll feature every month?

LiLi M. said...

I love that little purse, the paper dolls, which girly girl hasn't played with them? and everything about this party! I would love to look around the corner.

Mmm Italy, I am going to think loud, if you don't mind. Fountain, you could make a tower of glasses on a tray and pour lemonade in the top glass so that it pours over and fills the lower layer and so on.
Or something tower of Pisa or mini pizza's.

Spain; every girl could have a little veil, or a set of wooden blocks to imitate castagnettes, or something bull like on the table, or a red white polka dot table cloth, with ruffles to resemble the flamengo dancers dresses.

Hope this helps, but I think you have the best ideas yourself! Thanks for sharing these ideas and have a great day!

Janet said...

Your little purse is so cute! I love the paper dolls. As a kid that was one of my favorite things to paly with.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Too cute! What fun. I used to love Betsy McCall dolls and then later the ones in Home Companion.
Your party sounds so fun!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Paper dolls were my favorite growing up, what a cute idea for a centerpiece!

adrienne said...

What a sweet little purse! I loved paper dolls and making clothes for them.
Hmmm, Italy... gondolas, grapes, sculptures, little eisels with paintings on them? For Spain the first thing that came to mind was a pretty fan.
Sounds like a delightful event.

Fete et Fleur said...

Louise! Fairy's Gate is just wonderful! I've been up to my elbows in paint. Sorry I haven't come by sooner. Love the sweet little purse you made.


Lori said...

Louise, that little purse you made is adorable!!! i remember playing with paper dolls too when i was little:)

bluemuf said...

Oh Louise, What a lovely idea for a girls tea. I look forward to seeing the centrepiece. The paper purse is gorgeous. I will have to try my hand at making one. It would also be a lovely way to give a gift.

Please post pictures of the tea table.

Hugs Karen

rochambeau said...

It's great how you combined all the elements to create this lovely little paper purse Louise!!
Happy week!

Betzie said...

What a sweet purse Louise...I need to check out that freebie site. Thanks for sharing!

...... Kristina ...... said...

So Sweet!!
The little puppy reminds me of my Beatrix.
Love Kristina XxX