Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of may...

May, the busy month is at an end…
Now I will have more time to breathe…
Last Friday I had some time to make a few
gifts for summer giving..
Here is a journal that I covered with the lovely paper
from the Madeline collection by Brenda Walton


Using the template from my last post, I made a matchbox to
hold tiny colored pencils that I purchased in January at Borders…
I attached the matchbox to the journal using removable two-sided scotch tape.


Inside the journal I placed a few surprises; an envelope filled with die cut tags.


A library card filled with Paperwhimsy collage images..


I added a few page tabs ....

I am really happy how this turned out, I think I will make a few



I am also working on a doll size
perfumery. I started this project last fall, packed it away for a rainy day...
Last Friday was such a day; my goal is to finish it this summer. It is taking a lot more time than I anticipated. Here are a few pictures that I took last Oct. of the tiny bottles with vintage button tops..

The buttons that look orange are really a pink....

one of the reasons that this is taken so long to complete is because I keep

changing my mind on style and color...

oh well, we will see....


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last week Becky from Wonders Never Cease did a WONDER POST on matchboxes.
She listed several wonderful examples of matchbox art.
I so enjoyed hopping to all the links she gave, but was completely taken in by the link to the International Championship League of Matchbox Stuffers on flickr…now we are not talking about the kitchen size here, we are talking about the small ones….a little more than two inches long, one and a half inches wide and not very high.
My head began to whirl with ideas, a theme would be fun, color I like working with color…

This matchbox stuffing was fun to watch on
It reminded me of when I was a kid and had a collection of these tiny boxes tucked in the corner of my
desk filled with miniature treasures…

I searched the house for a small matchbox. Not one was to be found, disappointed but not defeated, I started to gather
items so I would be ready to stuff a matchbox when one was found…..
Color ….pink , blue and shiny items and things from nature….
Goal ….. 30 items or more

I have about eighteen items so far…
I never did find a matchbox but found this template and made a box from some birthday invitations ( recycling ) that didn’t print out bright enough.
This template makes a matchbox that is a little smaller than the ones you buy , so keep this mind if you decide to give it a try.

Other fun themes for matchboxes that I came up with…
A vacation matchbox ….start with one small item from home and add along the way….
A shine matchbox for or about someone….
A matchbox birthday gift …number of items corresponds with age of person.
Paper doll matchbox….
An inspirational matchbox… this is not my idea but Constance Muller's idea from rochambeau….
I was so touched by the pink box she assembled for a give away I thought I would give it a try in matchbox size…

After I finish this little gem I will post pictures of all things inside …..
We lose power a lot in the summer, almost during ever storm. I think this is going to be
the perfect activity to keep me amused while I grumbling about out lights being out..

Monday, May 4, 2009


May marches on, this weekend we went to see my granddaughter Emmalyn dance in

“Mary Poppins -in motion-”.
The studio’s owner danced many years with
the Pilobolus Dance Theater. This influence could be seen throughout the production.
My granddaughters’ dance opened with the class sitting on a bench in the dark, the only things visible were the glow in the dark shoes, hats and gloves. The glow in the dark
movement was wonderful to watch….lights came on and the girls finished their dance.

A video of the Pilobolus Dance Theater..

The weekend before we went to see Emmalyn sing with her Junior Chorus...
In "Broadway and Beyond".
I could not believe the sound that came from these six girls ranging in age from 8 to 12.
Emmalyn had a solo part in the song "Shenandoah" (grandmother's brag moment)

she was wonderful...a piece was written for her by Phil Hall

An 1832 cello accompanied Emmalyn’s voice.
My granddaughter is only nine; her performance brought me to tears....

My daughter Allie had a wonderful birthday weekend.
She went to NYC to spend time with friends.

Bryant Park riding the carousel, Allie is on the right.

I love this frog.....

An after dinner sundae at serendipity.
It took ten to finish this....
she got home Sunday in time for a birthday family dinner of
Halibut with Balsamic Glaze
and a birthday Strawberry shortcake.

My Allie loves her birthday, when she turned 21 she celebrated for a month.. and I am not kidding...

.....Happy Birthday Allie.....