Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mignonette in waiting …

A project that has been in the planning stage will at last begin, that is right after Christmas.
This sweet little mignonette has waited for years for her presentation box and a place to call home.

First things first, she needs a new wig; the Donald Trump look just doesn’t work.
Should I get braids or long waves?

A cardboard stationery box found at a tag sale is perfect

for this this little one.

Well almost the fit is a little tight.

That’s better, the book style is just right.

What I really love about this box is that a drawer is underneath, which is suitable for tiny treasures. The outside will be covered with pretty paper and the inside with silk.

Inspiration and patterns have been gathered. As well as
a pile of fabric to be considered. Mostly in pinks, however her shoes and sock bands are gold and green. I will have to give this more thought.

Stay tuned this is going to fun…

To be continued in the Year 2010....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fairy Slippers

My five Fairy Slippers.....

I have been busy making paper Fairy slippers for a swap I joined in on
at PaperWhimsy …..
I signed up for the antique slipper group in colors sepia, creams, and gold’s.
There was also a mermaid group, a grunge group, a dirty pink group and two winter wonderland groups.
A paperwhimsy image and two trinkets or elements from the Paperwhimsy shop were required on or in the slipper.
We also had to make a small gift to tuck under the vamp of the shoe.

a close up of the gift...

Each shoe came to my cobbler’s bench and was designed one at time.
I decided to use the image as my slipper’s sole and used antique and vintage laces for the top part as well as vintage candy lace paper, vintage buttons and gold Dresden paper.
For the gift I make flower lace pins that have a gold leaf or star on them, I also added a holiday wish in a
gold fairy cone.
The slippers also have a slot to string a ribbon through so that a garland can be made.
I keep one shipper and send off the other four to my swap
partners. I cannot wait to get my four and put my garland together….
the slippers before I added the gifts and gold fairy cones.....

I loved doing these slippers and often would think of Nancy of fete et fleur the famous cobbler to the queens. I remember one post she did about editing her design. I kept this in mind as I worked away and would ask myself do I need more, do I need less…
I hope I have time to make a few more of these for Christmas ...I think they would be nice on a gold wrapped gift....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It is time to begin

Making tags.....

I have pretty pink metallic Christmas paper that I will use with this double
gift tag. The dyed tags are from
magic moonlight studio and the matchbox template is from here

The top matchbox will hold a tiny token, the second matchbox with hold a Christmas wish.
Each double tag is made using 4 dyed tags. I glued two tags together for strength for the top tag and used a second tag to cover the raw edges of the lace on the back of the bottom tag. I also removed the inside paper reinforcements around the holes so that the tags will glue together flatter...

I have spent my days stringing
and unstringing my instrument
while the song I came to sing
remains unsung.
-R. Tagore
I found this quote over a year ago and it really made me stop to think….
Have I sung my song, what song do I need to sing?
I took this quote to heart
for there was one song I still needed to sing.…and now I am happily singing.
Until another song comes along......

a few projects that I am working on....