Friday, March 26, 2010

The Country Empress



My country empress art kit  has been published in Somerset Life magazine
spring 2010 and I am as happy as can be....

It sat on their to be considered shelf for 20 months ..
but at last made it in...

If you would like to see more pictures and read the story
of the Country Empress travel box
please go

Through The Pink Gate


Monday, March 15, 2010

The Spring Ice princess

Of Penguins

(Invitation that I am working on)

Yes I know we have had enough of ice and snow but for whatever reason my granddaughter who will be six in May wants a penguin party.

We talked about a Fancy Nancy party and she loved that idea and then she saw a pink poodle cake in the Family Fun magazine and thought for a moment about that idea as well. But as we talked more there was a word I kept hearing and that word was PENGUINS….I finally looked at her and said “Sage, do you want a Penguin party?” Her little eyes lit up like stars in the sky….

So I spent a day looking online and for the life of me could not find any penguin party supplies.

 Jan Brett has this cute penguin holding the ice cube packages on her site and from that I came up with this inspiration board….
I sent an email to my granddaughter with this Inspiration board attached and added that her job as Ice Princess is to teach all the new penguins how to waddle…. I got a big thumbs up….

The party plates have a silver hologram design that will give the table an icy feel and a white table cloth will work for a snowy look.

A parade of tissue paper penguins will march in the center of the table with a few silver shiny packages scattered in their path. White paper pom pom flowers like the one from  Martha Stewart's seen above and silver snowflakes will hang overhead.  Snowflake balloons will round out the look. And if time allows I will make a window snowflakes curtain like seen  on Bugs and Fishes by Lupin, take a look HERE...
or maybe a snowstorm from HERE...

And just because I need to feel like it is spring and warm I added penguin beach balls to the mix ...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

gift giving....

I have a fascination for Pierrots and mimes….

So when planning my gift giving packaging for this year, this

little guy looked me right in the eye and said it is about time.

I find it a challenge to come up with ideas to hold monetary gifts, sticking green in a card is just not my style.

A nest of curled shredded music sheets is in the bottom of the box.

In the lid I put some polka dotted paper, a die cut letter x and bubblegum pink ribbon.

A small gold Dresden paper cone topped with vintage English lace beading and black silk ribbon hangs from the pink ribbon. The money is rolled very tight and placed in the middle of the black silk ribbon and lace. A tiny paper crown around the money tops off the gift.

Next week when I can get better pictures I will post my Pierrot cone gift box.

think spring.....