Thursday, April 7, 2011

Japanese Art Party….

The Formula

Tween + color + Japanese paper doll = Japanese Art Party
                                                       add to that
A touch of traditional + a touch of todays Japanese style
A blank wall becomes party ready with a collage of colorful paper fans.

Art Activities:

A medley of fun from origami, candy making, painting, scratch art and cut and spin tops.
 1. Scratch art is a fun and simple art that can be done at any time during the party. For the tween set I would suggest cutting some of the sheets down into fourths and ATC size (2½" × 3½") and make available a few stencils to get the girls started.

  • mix scratch art and tape from activity 2 and decorate cards and envelopes ...
               ATC size cards  and scratch paper from Blicks
   • buy inexpensive bamboo frame from the dollar store to frame art
  2. What could be trendier than to make your own Japanese color tape. Find out how to from Julie K in Taiwan.
    Use to decorate:
   • treasure boxes
   • tags
   • cards

3. Next we have a little traditional origami, you can either buy a kit from Yasutomo or learn how to fold Kusudama style from the Folding Tree.

4. Candy who doesn’t love candy! This Japanese art candy will be a big hit with any age group. Candy making from {the decorated cookie}.

Meagan ever has a recipe for marshmallow fondant that can be prepared before the party. Fondant recipe here...

5. Starburst candy + tween = tiny paper cranes
I found this SoCraftastic! youtube and fell in love with these tiny paper cranes.
Perfect for a tween party I must say. 

6. Paper tops are pretty and fun, printable from Creative Park .....


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Julie K in Taiwan said...

Lovely collection of party ideas. Thanks for including me ;)