Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kate Hallow

I never put up my Halloween decorations until mid Oct.

I have a love hate thing with Halloween, I don't like scary things never did, all the horror movies on TV sends chills up my spine. I don't watch them , the commercials are even more then I can take.

But I love the color orange, always have, in fact my husband had an orange car when I started to date him, I also wore orange a lot as a teen. So I enjoy the orange of this time of year. Orange makes me smile.......
This year I added a wonderful Halloween candy container to my collection she is KATE HALLOW made by Mica at Garb-oodles Soup. I just love her face....

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yours truly said...

Oh, she is cute! What a sweet little vinette! I've done little decorating yet what with my busy month. Time to get on the ball! It looks great, Louise!