Sunday, July 27, 2008

end of JULY already

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted and I am way behind on keeping up with other bloggers that I enjoy visiting.. I have only stopped by one or two in the last two weeks and hope to catch up soon.
I have not been spending a lot less time on the computer this summer. I have been busy most days with things that just keep popping up.
Some fun and some very sad…one of the saddest was the funeral of a young man I use to baby-sit for, the thought breaks my heart.


(Picture from the web)
This morning we had a bobcat in our backfield and our silly dog and Spooky our miniature donkey decided to chase after it….
The bobcat took off, the silly dog went after him, the smart donkey stopped, and my husband had to run after the dog to make her stop the chase…thank god Don got our dog under control after a few yells to stop. I hate to think of what could have happened.
We have never had a bobcat come on our property before; I am surprised because they are quite a few houses around us…
I also have been working on a few projects. One are these party favors that I am putting together for a
friends lunching. She found a few of these Pierrot pewter figurines cheap at a flea market. I think he looks so cute with the paper rose topped jars..
To add more pink color I added a cupcake paper to the inside of the nut cup…
The paper rose’s jars will have pink mints…

I cannot believe that everyone is thinking about Halloween already. When I saw artsy mama's sign up for her Sweet and Sinister swap my first thought was “so soon” and then I saw she was going to take
sign ups until September first and I said I have time … But after thinking about it for a few minutes, I said I better sign up now in case I forget to sign up later… Good thing I did because she had 100 sign up and the swap closed a day or so later. I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to make for this swap and I remember something I did many years ago…I know it will be perfect …I will not be able to show it until Oct….in case my swap partner stops by , I don't want to spoil the surprise…


LiLi M. said...

Hi Louise! Sorry to hear about that young man in your vicinity passing away. Such things just should not occur. I think I will never be able to understand that. My thoughts are with you. That's is life though; mourning and saying goodbye one day, welcoming and creating the other. I love that Pierrot art work! The combination of colors is so beautiful, I think your friend must be thrilled. Don't worry about my parcel. It will be here in due time, I'm sure. Do remember what I told you about the costs. Enjoy summer (I hope the rest of it bob catless). Save the mailoffice for a rainy day! I'm in the sweet and sinister swap too! I'm so looking forward to see what everybody comes up with!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh Louise, I am so sorry to hear about that young mans death. My heart goes out to you and his family.

Your party favors are wonderful!

rochambeau said...

Dear Louise,
I'm sorry about the loss of the man that you used to babysit for. That is sad.

Glad you are keeping yourself busy this summer. Also that your dog didn't get eaten by the Bobcat!!!!
When I was a child in Ca. I saw a Bobcat one day. Cat's are so beautiful!!

I guess Artsy Mama's right. Time flies by so quickly. Halloween's around the corner. It will be here sooner than we think.
My husband and I will move on Oct 1. It's strange to think how much will happen before then!!

Lynn said...

Oh, Louise, how tragic about the young man. I lost a dear friend this past week; she went way too soon. She left behind two young children. It's hard being happy knowing that her family is suffering so. Probably the same for you regarding the young man and his family.

The Pierrot creation is adorable! So cute! I am sure it will be a hit.

That's a bit scary about the bobcat!!

Take care,
Lynn ;)

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi Louise, Sorry to read about your young friend, so sad. Can't belive you had a bobcat in your yard. My friend told me today that they had had a little fox in their yard. I think these wild animals are being pushed out of their habitats by builders etc...Thanks for the sweet comments about my new granddaughter, I have already bought her several outfits. I bet your friend is tickled about the goodies you made for her party! Hugs***Renea

Lolly said...

Your party favors are fantastic!
~Lolly said...

Your music gets me every time!! Somehwere in time....

So sad for your loss!!

That bobcat looks just like the meanie in our yard! I am so glad your Don stopped the dog!

Love what you are up to, and Halloween loomin early, YIPPEEE!!!!

Heather Robinson said...

Hi Louise, THank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog because I've just spent a delightful few minutes meandering through yours. I love what you've done with Pierrot! I'm also very glad that your husband stopped your dog. Smart donkey indeed! Hope to visit again soon!

Julie said...

Love the Pierrot and the black, white and pink combination.

Wow, a bobcat. Where do you live? We have mountain lions/cougars that are coming closer and closer to ND towns, but no bobcats.

Couture de Papier said...

Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.