Friday, April 16, 2010

39 years............

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
                                                                        ~Emily Brontë


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh! Congrats....that is so wonderful. We are at 31 years....and counting. All the best to you!

LiLi M. said...

I could write exactly the same as Penny!
Congratulations Louise for having a wonderful partner who enriches your life as you probably do his. Sometimes I feel that such a relationship only improves with the years, with more and more sharing and more and more fond memories. I hope that you'll feel the same and that you both have many happy and healthy years to come. Celebrate your life together!

Janet said...

Beautiful roses!! Congratulations and here's to many, many more years of happiness together!

Fete et Fleur said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you both!! How romantic 39 years. I agree with LiLi, the love grows stronger, deeper, and fuller as the years pass. Wishing you both a wonderful Anniversary!


bluemuf said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. Hope you have many more happy years together.

Hugs Karen

adrienne said...

What a sweet sentiment. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

Chrisy said...

Love flows through your words dear girl. How wonderful it is that you have each other to treasure.
ps Darling that Presentation Box of yours in a precious work of art! Congrats on getting it into Somerset.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How happy! Congratulations. It's wonderful to have a growing love.

rochambeau said...

Congratulations to you and your soul mate, Louise! Those who stay together are especially blessed for the rich and intricate tapestry of life they weave together.

It is a miracle to find a soul mate! I didn't find mine until I was 37 yrs. It makes me appreciate mine so much!!

Hugs and may you both spend many, many more happy, healthy and exciting years together!


Betzie said...

Wow, congrats Louise!!!!
That quote says it all and how blessed you are to know that feeling. The rose photo is gorgeous!!!! Hope you have many more years together! My parents are going on 67 this year, can you imagine??!

Storybook Woods said...

Congratulations Louise, here is to 39 more xoxo Clarice

shibori girl said...

Congrats, Louise! I know, it's wonderful to have a strong bond, and that when you have it, it only gets stronger through the years.

My Honey and I just celebrated our 24th (add another 4 for the years we dated), and I count myself lucky every day.

Here's to many more. :)


LuLu Kellogg said...

Congratulations my dear!

LOVED the picture of the beautiful!


...... Kristina ...... said...

39 years!!!!
I am so happy for you Louise that you have been loved and have loved for 39 years! that is nearly as long as i am old my dear friend,i hope i am blessed as you have been.
Happy Anniversary to you both may you have many many more wonderful celebrations together.
Kisses and Wishes Kristina XxX

rochambeau said...

Dear Louise,
Happy belated Mother's Day!
Hope all is going well with the Birthday extravaganza's!!


rochambeau said...

Dear Louis,
I took a trip this morning as I hadn't been behind your Fairies Gate recently.

What a lovely site you have created packed with beauty. Thank you for including my branches~

Hope all is well.

LiLi M. said...

Just popping over to say 'Hi' Louise, hope all is well with you and your loved ones. I was enjoying a perfect blog break but suddenly I felt the urge to write again, so here I am again. Hope you will have a wonderful holiday weekend, love LiLi

rochambeau said...

Happy Tuesday, Louise.
Hope your holiday was nice. That things are beginning to calm down.

I hope you do jump on that train and see the exhibition!! When we lived in New Jersey, I was lucky to see some great shows at the Met, including the Chanel show.

Have a fun and creative day.

rochambeau said...

Dropping back by to smell the roses!!

Victorian Lady said...

Congratulations!! :)

somepinkflowers said...

love this flower ♥♥♥
i would...