Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer end

I love the fall and all the colors but I will miss the pinks of summer.....
The warmth of the sun, I don't like hot but I do love warm. I am not a winter person. As I get older the Autumn only means winter to me, I hate that I feel this way because it is a wonderful time of the year. And living in New England I get to see a delightful display put on by the Autumn fairies who are all so hard at work.

This year summer end is a wee bit harder because my youngest is going off to college.
In the past my falls and winters were filled with his sport games, soccer, basketball and the cold just flew by game after game. I will miss that, I will miss him................


Michelle said...

Hi LW! What a gorgeous rose.

Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog - I've added a tutorial for the toilet tissue stamping if you want to check it out. :o)

Best wishes for the transition to empty nest (even if it's only a semester at a time) oldest is going into middle school and that seems strange, I cannot imagine him off on his own, but I know it shall be coming too soon.

take care, Michelle

yours truly said...

Oh ... I totally understand about those soccer filled falls. My senior decided not to play soccer this year and a part of me will so miss those brisk mornings bundled up on the sidelines cheering him on with the other moms! I already miss him so much when he's gone for an evening ... hard to imagine a semester! Bless you!

;) Lora