Thursday, November 20, 2008

If you give a grandmother a cupcake ... she will need...

(picture by Bakerella)
IF you have not seen these than you're in for a sweet treat...
Bakerella has a wonderful baking... blog ...that should not be missed.
However, I must warn you drooling could be a side effect of visiting... here...
When I saw these little cupcakes on a lollipop stick, I just knew that
they would make a perfect birthday party addition..
Easy and fun to make...
here is the how to video from the MarthaStewart show...

Have any of you ever read, "When you give a mouse a cookie"?
It's a cute little story that my kids and I enjoyed when their were little..

The story is about a little mouse that is giving a cookie but than needs a glass of milk to wash it down, the story goes on with the little mouse asking for one more thing that is needed to go with the thing he just received ...
Well that is kind of what happened with the cupcakes pops. I kept finding one more little something that would go along perfectly with them and before you knew it I had a file filled with wonderful

ideas for a
Sweet Treat Birthday Party.


(picture by Jenn from Eye Candy Creations)

When Penny of.. lavenderhillstudio... went to Savannah to meet some blog friends

She led me to Jenn of ..sweeteyecandycreations.. and these Little bears filled with sweet candy confections and the sweetest cupcake invitations. Can you picture the face of the dear little
one that is giving a bear that is sweeter than honey .
(picture by MaraMay)
What would a party be without a special hat for the birthday child...

I found this enchanting design made By MaraMay. I adore the added vintage child's playing card.
You can see more of her work ..

0 ......


0> O
O ..............0


o O
o....... o ..OO

and then you need some bubbles, a party is not complete with out bubbles...

and then you must have an ice cream cone piƱata
for some old fashion birthday giggles.

And to all of this I would add a little polka dot fun.....
pretty pink plates , dotty balloons and the sweetest colored
ice cream sundae dishes...


Now all I need are a few five year olds and I would have
the perfect sugary topping of a most delightful
sweet treat day...
Do you think I can talk my granddaughter into this for her 5th birthday?

I have a few months to try...


Sugar Plum

Oh and just one more thing, I would make a crepe paper centerpiece using a new Nancy Ann Storybook doll by Dianna Effner..

If you have any more ideas I would love to hear...
After all, if you give a grandmother a cupcake she will need........

15 comments: said...

Everything Jen does at Sweet Eye Candy is so cheerful and yummy!

And I love those cute cupcake pops! Just think what a wonderful gift those would be at the holidays!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I am overwhelmed--what a great collection of birthday pretties! Now, if I just had a little girl to spoil!

You know, that would make a fun book!

adrienne said...

...lots of sprinkles! I'm craving something with sprinkles on top right now!

Everything looks just beautiful - if your granddaughter doesn't go for it I will ;)

Lynn said...

Oh my, Louise, you wouldn't have any trouble talking ME into a party like that. I doubt you'll have any trouble with a 5-year-old. :) LOL. You come up with the best party ideas!


Fete et Fleur said...

What an amazing post! I love everything, especially those mini pop-cakes!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Mara-May* said...

Absolutely wonderful!! How stinkin' fun!
Thanks so much for including me!!
Hope your lil grandone goes for it!

Storybook Woods said...

My what a fun, happy post. Although now I am really hungry. So many inspirations. Thank you Clarice

bluemuf said...

Louise, what a great party all that sweet goodness would make. You have found so many wonderful ideas.


LiLi M. said...

Hello Louise,
What a gorgeous post, eye candy at its best! I think you will not have too much trouble to talk your granddaughter into this.
My daughter will be celebrating her 15th birthday next month, so I had to get a little back in time to think about what we were doing then. It seems so long ago and a short time at the same time, if you know what I mean.
We were having a winterparty back then. One of the major successes was a game that was originally called the Mummy, but for this occasion we called it the snowman. We divided the children in teams of two. By the way we did the dividing with little candy pairs; every kid picks a Reese piece out of the (in our case) black hat and two matching colors make a team, that way there are no endless discussions of who is playing with who and there are no children that are always the last to be teamed up. Okay back to the Snowman; the children had to wrap each other in toilet paper (one at the time). A huge succes as they will make a total mess under (grand) parential guiding! Another succes: my husband practised some simple tricks and he made a little magician show. These kids are so easy to distract. One of the tricks was a glass under a piece of crepe paper. You fold the paper around the glass, then you take your magic wand (in the mean time you have removed the glass, but the crepe paper holds its form). You speak the magic words and: the glass has disappeared. These kind of tricks are sold in a toy store and are so much fun to do (or in my case to watch!). You could let the kids make their wand first, and then do this trick while they are using their wands. Another great thing to do with these kids is let them pimp up a piece of cake with all kinds of colored candy. After they have made it, you don't let them eat it (they probably ate enough candy while pimping up the cake) but you will pack it in transparant foil with beautiful ribbons, so the guests can take their cakes home as a treat and show their parents.
I think you will have so much fun.

Louise I want to thank you for your wonderful comments on my blogpost. I always enjoy reading them very much, thanks a million. Reading about your childrens shoes today, really cracked me up! Have a great weekend.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love all the sweet treats & eye candy, good to know so when our Granddaughter has a birthday we can use some of these ideas! I am working on a cute little Birthday Pocket Pillow. Thanks for keeping Corey in your prayers. Hugs***Renea

robin dudley-howes said...

Wow I love your blog. I love the music and the quotes you have. I am a fairy...dont' tell any one, they'll think I'm weird! Love the cupcake lolipops.
When you get a moment come on over to my lily pad!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh, how beautiful, love it all! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...always happy to hear from you!
Carol Anne

Marie Antionette said...

I love all these pretty things.What a very nice blog.Thank you for stoping by so I could come vist you.I love unicorns.I hhad an angel with unicorns,It was pretty.I'm think of making another different of course for next year.
I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, Hugs Marie Antionette

SweetAnnee said...

Oh you're making me hungry for sweets and I can't have any before my Pet/CT scan..but I bet I get some
smiles, deena

Lori said...

Such a adorable post! Love Jenn's honey bears! Bet the party will be beautiful as well as fun! Lori