Sunday, September 13, 2009

Names ..............

Meet Emma Mae, No she is not mine, I wish….
She is the wonderful little sweetie who belongs to Betzie from the blog Time enough.
Betzie raises cavalier king Charles spaniels
and this little one is from one of her last litter of pups.
Emma was a keeper and that is just what Betzie did…..

A while back Betzie asked for help in naming this little ruby cutie, she wanted a French name.

Now if you know me you know that I have a list of names that I keep on hand, I am one that
loves names and naming things.
I left a comment with a few names that I thought would fit and Betzie loved one that I shared,
ZAZA meaning little princess. She tried the name out on this little pup, but it just did not fit. So Betzie
is saving that name for another puppy. As a Thank you she sent me some beautiful pink
soaps that she made. I wish I could share a picture but my camera is in Boston with my daughter.
So here I sit camera-less with very pretty pink shoe soap and fairy soap …
You will just have to take my word for it, they are beautiful.
Thank you Betzie for these wonderful gifts!

Last year Gale at Paperwhimsy was looking for names to help her name the little faces on her collage sheets . Gale had a monthly naming contest.
Some of the names that I shared with Gale were names that I had already giving to my dolls. Here are a few
"name that collage sheet" that I won and pictures of the
dolls that the names were from......

This is Waverly
she is on the left, both dolls are made by Helen Kish…
Waverly was redressed with an outfit I found on eBay.
To meet Waverly Weathers
The Paperwhimsy collage sheet #074 click here.....

Olivia Gingham a 1969 Sasha doll …
You can find the Olivia Gingham collage sheet #034 here.....

Briar Elisabeth Witherspoon… aka as Bookworm a Wendy Lawton doll seen here playing the part of
Little Red Riding Hood.
Collage sheet #043 Briar and Zoey Witherspoon here.....

Lilliana an antique wood hand craved doll ….
She is one of the first dolls I bought when I started to collect dolls.
Lacy is what my daughter named her American girl doll. Sorry I do not have a picture.
Lilliana and Lacy Fortune collage sheet #040 click here.......
So if you ever need a name just give me a call, I am sure I can find a few to share.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

First of all that puppy is adorable! And I love all of the names you have for the sweet dolls.

LiLi M. said...

Your blog looks great!

I should have known you when I was expecting...! I thought for months and months about the names. And I was not alone to decide, names I loved were totally unacceptable for my husband, and he came up with names of colleages of mine who I just didn't like that much. But when a baby is born he or she suddenly just is...that name and you never think again.
Have a nice Sunday Louise, here it is almost midnight. Thanks for the links in the previous posts. I will be swapping with myself too under guidance of the lovely Miss Natasha :-) Have a great week!

Janet said...

Emma Mae is so cute!! Betzie always shows such adorable little dogs. I love all the names you've come up with and Lilliana is a gorgeous doll!

Fete et Fleur said...

Bravo! I loved all the names. I'm sorry ZaZa didn't work out. I really love that one.

The Paperwhimsy collage sheets are amazing. Thank you for sharing.


Betzie said...

Louise, you are my resource for names from now on! Thanks so much for blogging about little Em.
Now if she can just learn to potty outside!
I love your dolls and their favorite being "Lilianna"...just love those old simple wooden dolls. thanks for sharing!

rochambeau said...

Dear Louise,
Hope you get your camera back~pronto.

You and your daughter are great at naming! Like you, I love names and their meanings! I have lists that I kept for my children (that I never had) The girls list is LONG. I still have the lists, and I still stand by and adore each and every name just as much as I did many years ago. Zaza is on the list. ;-).

It's funny and interesting how names go in cycles, isn't it?
How one person will think they are being original naming their child a certain name, only to find out, they weren't alone!

I will have to look up was Louise means, but I think I know. She who is Superior. My mom is Lois. That is what her name means.
Hugs from afar!

adrienne said...

Those are all wonderful names. I also love coming up with pet names, but I sometimes have a terrible time coming up with names for story characters.

The puppy picture is adorable!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Emma Mae is so adorable! Just love her. And what a talent you have for "names". Sometimes I just can't come up with the right thing.

Thanks for the inspiration,

rochambeau said...

Happy Weekend Louise!
That is a cool video above. So much to think about. It's really quite interesting!